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  2. Check out our review of the start Notting Hill Carnival 2011! 

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  3. After the Flow Festival - things to do and see in Helsinki. We spoke to festival-goers at this year’s event to find out what we could get up to in our last 24-hours in the city! Recommendations include visiting the Suomenlinna sea fortress, Helsinki Swimming Stadium, Helsinki Cathedral and the Design District.  

  4. Festival fashion - quirky, trendy and stylishly carefree, check out some of the threads this year’s festival-goers are rocking (pics: M Egere-Cooper)  #flowfestival #day2

  5. Festival love - Revellers spread good vibes on the first day of the Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland #flowfestival 

  6. Snapped…Trendy urbanites at Streetfest 2011 (pic: Alan Tang)

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  7. Culture Club meet-up x Urban Golf…Devoted readers, you might remember I tried this out last April and I’ve been on a mission to convert skeptics ever since! So last Friday’s Culture Club meet-up saw a small group of us hit up UG in Soho to play a virtual course for an hour – none of us were experts, and I’m not sure any of us left feeling we conquered the sport either (except learning the difference between the different clubs – yeah baby! Crazy golf, this aint!), but we had plenty of fun, as always ;-) Afterwards, we hit up Zebrano to bust a few moves to a very “eclectic” (translation: dodgy) mix of 90s hip-hop, pop and house music, wrapping up another great night with great people! Now it’s on to the next month – and if you haven’t already, click here to sign up to join The Culture Club to receive your exclusive invite to our monthly meet-ups! (Pics: Matilda Egere-Cooper)

  8. Somewhere you should go…Two’s A Pair at the V&A Museum

    Last Friday, I headed down to the V&A museum for their Late event, held in conjunction with The Design Festival. Two words: Ridiculously amazing. Amongst all the great and wonderful things going on were games (marbles and memory), installations (peep Paul Cocksedge’s A Gust of Wind), films and even a set from two ferocious looking DJs to top the night off. Big night. (pics: Matilda Egere-Cooper)


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  10. NYC, Day 22…Spent the day in Harlem talking and snapping its lovely residents but ended up going to a BBQ at Talay Lounge on 701 W 135th Street.  It was sort of industry, but sort of not, which was cool; good music, good food, good people, good times!