1. What we’ve been up to… Wishbone, Brixton Market Row

    After numerous delays, this new fried chicken joint finally opened in Brixton’s Market Row last week, promising to offer a more wholesome approach to finger-lickin’ goodness (free-range only) and creative varieties of one of the nation’s most popular fast foods. Wishbone is a cool concept with a well-designed venue, hip-hop on the playlist, and a drinks menu offering the tastiest sours (created to your liking), while stand out dishes include the Thai chicken (great marinade), the salt’n’pepa chicken with asian mayo and the black bean salad.  The deep fried mac and cheese was curious to say the least - and we weren’t over the moon with the hot mess (fries and cheese) -  but this is one of those hangout spots that ticks enough boxes to make it worth a visit, especially if you like your chicken. 

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    I may have just found a reason to go to Brixton.
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