1. Something you should see…Clybourne Park, Wyndham’s Theatre

    Ever had a discussion about prejudice? Like, with another race? A cliche convo will usually include a moment where someone insists they have *insert race here* friends, while another might talk passionately of their struggle (“but you don’t know what it’s LIKE to be *insert race here* !!!”) and the faux-pleasantries that follow to mask the tension only go to show it’s still a very sticky topic to chew on. Yet, American Bruce Norris’s wickedly sharp play about race relations confronts the matter with little regard for any awkward and critical comeback - his writing and comedy is so shockingly bold, you almost fear what the first draft looked like. But it’s little wonder why it’s upgraded to the Wyndham Theatre following a spell at the Royal Court last year; it’s really that brilliant.

    Inspired by Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun and split between two periods (1959 in the first act and 2009 in the second), it looks at the issues of a black family moving into a white community and the attitudes that emerge amongst the neighbours. This is flipped on its head come act two, but in fear of giving too much away, you should totally see it for yourself - not only is the show well-produced and the acting’s superb, (EastEnder’s star Sophie Thompson is a hoot!), but the refreshing storyline is a skillful (and not-as-awkward) attempt at igniting a dialogue about race. (Words: Matilda Egere-Cooper)

    On until May 7th. Visit the Wyndham’s Theatre site for more details.

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    http://clybournepark.co.uk/ Saw this my first night in London. It was their closing performance and it simply blew me...
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